Learn More About Edu-Slick

For Administrators

Edu-Slick administrator module is a center of operation to control and oversee all other modules. Be efficient and effective with your school activities on a click.

  • Control staff, student and parent registration with their profile update.
  • Access uploaded student grades, score-sheet and broadsheet
  • Manage classroom, teachers, subjects
  • Send an in-App one-to-one or broadcast message to all users
  • Respond to enquiries from parents, teachers and students
  • Monitor the finance transactions
  • Reduced workload for all users
  • Manage events, academic calendar and activity logs

For Teachers

Teacher's Hub support

  • Easily access students information
  • Quickly receive updates on student assignment, events and messages
  • Compute student scores with 100% accuracy.
  • Deliver lectures efficiently via online classroom
  • Manage student attendance without fuss
  • Organize teaching materials without stress

For Parent

  • Access child's grades and monitor performance
  • Access child's E-wallet to track payment transactions
  • Receive updates of upcoming events
  • Receive and send message to teacher on child's performance.
  • Make a secure online payment for fees

For Finance

  • Manage student and staff payment transactions
  • Create, manage fees and track debtors
  • Prepare staff salary schedule and payment
  • Automated income and expense audit
  • Generate receipts for all transactions

My E-Learning

  • Access online classroom and assignment
  • Access grades and result
  • Receive updates of upcoming events
  • Communicate with teachers and get notified